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Automotive Conversions and Calculators

  • Gas Oil Mixture Calculate how much oil you need based on the volume of gas and the ratio. Useful for engines that require a gas/oil mixture.
  • Tire Size Conversion Convert P-Metric tire size to Tire Diameter in inches.
  • Axle Ratio/Tire Size Several calculators in case you ever change your car's tire diameter. Includes speed, gear ratio, crawl ratio, MPH, and RPM.
  • Fuel Consumption Convert to and from miles/gallon, liters/100km, km/gallon, and many more.
  • Driving Distance Find the driving distance between major US cities
  • HorsePower Calculate your vehicle's horsepower.
  • Lap Time Calculates the average lap time required to finish a race in the time you enter
  • Miles Per Gallon Estimate your vehicle's MPG
  • BAC Check Calculate your Blood-Alcohol Content


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