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chemists - grams per cubic metre to ppm

chemists - grams per cubic metre to ppm
by douglas mchugh on 11/12/01 at 20:59:15

My chemistry is rusty.  Gas in air concentrations are often given in grams per cubic meter rather than parts per million.  Take for example hydrogen sulphide gas.  What's the go?

Re: chemists - grams per cubic metre to ppm
by Robert Fogt (Guest) on 11/14/01 at 15:25:57

They are both different types of units.

"gram/cubic meter" is density.
"part/million" is (mass basis) concentration.

As to the why... I don't know. As a gas, it would be common to state in grams per cubic meter, but as air concentration I would assume they would state it in parts per million.

I suppose I should not have even posted this response, since I did nothing to answer your question. :)

Re: chemists - grams per cubic metre to ppm
by gordon linsell on 01/17/02 at 07:38:58

Dear Douglas,

Did you ever get the answer to your question re. ppm and g/m3 ???

I would be glad to hear if you did.


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