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Newtons conversion

Newtons conversion
by myradiator on 01/09/02 at 02:45:34

I would like a step by step formula for converting Newtons (N) to PSI. Please help me.


Re: Newtons conversion
by Robert Fogt on 01/09/02 at 06:24:00

A newton is a unit of force, and pounds/square inch is a unit of pressure. I don't know of a way to convert between the two.

Re: Newtons conversion
by Noel on 01/09/02 at 13:22:09


Did you mean N/m^2 (netwon / meter squared)?  That is a pascal.  Which can be converted to PSI (lb/inch^2).  Atleast according to this website.  I can't help with the conversion.  Oddly enough it is my engineering assignment tonight.  I still haven't figured out how to do that.

1N = (Kg*M)/s^s
1Pa = N/M^2
which would reduce to Kg/(ms^2).  That still doesn't help me.Off the top of my head I can't figure out anything cept multiplying by 9.8ms^2. I still can't see how that might help.  Talk about a frustrating problem for the first day of class.  I thought I could convert with the best of them.


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