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jet engine thrust

jet engine thrust
by Ray Viv on 01/11/02 at 08:45:02

How would I convert the thrust generated by a jet engine to the equivalent horsepower of a reciprocating (gas) engine turning a propeller?

Re: jet engine thrust
by Robert Fogt on 01/13/02 at 11:47:29

By the definition of horsepower, jet engines output 0 horsepower. Horsepower is a measurement of power, while thrust is a measurement of force.

Jet engines are often also rated in Thrust Horsepower. You can calculate the Thrust Horsepower of a reciprocating engine powered propeller though, and you could compare the Thrust Horsepower of the two types of engines.

Here is some more information on comparing Thrust and Thrust horsepower between gas turbine planes and propeller planes.


Re: jet engine thrust
by Ray Viv on 01/13/02 at 17:44:23

Thank you for the information. I hadn't taken into consideration I was asking a comparison of apples and oranges. Upon reading the first sentence of your reply I realized a direct comparison can't be made.
Thanks again,

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