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Converting Pixels to DPI....

Converting Pixels to DPI....
by Nari Kannan on 02/01/02 at 16:20:51

How do I convert from Pixel resolution to DPI?

We need to take a picture with a minimum DPI required
for some purpose. We have a Sony Mavica camera that takes 640X480 Pixel pictures. What DPI would this be?
What additional information do I need to collect?

Thanks in advance

Re: Converting Pixels to DPI....
by Robert Fogt on 02/02/02 at 14:35:28

That would depend on other things. Such as your monitor, or your printer, depending on if you're viewing or printing it.

A 640x480 picture is just that.  Exactly 640 pixels wide and exactly 480 pixels tall. The only difference being when it is displayed.

A printer that can print 100 DPI will print that picture 6.4 inches wide and 4.8 inches tall. A printer that prints 50 DPI will print it 12.8 inches wide and 9.6 inches tall.

Most image editing programs, such as Paint Shop Pro like I use, have a place where you can set the DPI of the photograph, so you can fine tune the picture for the output device.

Re: Converting Pixels to DPI....
by David Robinson on 04/23/02 at 21:29:44

That was a great explaination of pixels and DPI, but how do you convert the analog measurement of TVL to the digital measurement of pixels?  Is 1024x768 a higher resolution than 720TVL? ???

Re: Converting Pixels to DPI....
by Robert Fogt on 04/23/02 at 23:55:41

There is some information about TVL resolution you can find here:

TVL is not directly related to pixels or DPI.

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