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feet into cubic yards

feet into cubic yards
by rick allen on 02/21/02 at 20:42:35

what is the formula for changing feet into cubic yards?

Re: feet into cubic yards
by Robert Fogt on 02/22/02 at 11:57:20

Are you trying to convert cubic feet into cubic yards? If so just divide cubic feet by 27.

To convert feet into cubic yards, you would need the other two dimensions.

length X width X height

Re: feet into cubic yards
by ryan jessen on 03/18/02 at 17:41:22

iI need to know . If I got a sidewalk that is 40'long 4' wide and 6" deep how many yards are needed

Re: feet into cubic yards
by Robert Fogt on 03/19/02 at 11:36:20

40 feet x 4 feet x .5 feet = 80 cubic feet of cement.

80 cubic feet / 27 = 2.96296 cubic yards.

(and just in case you're curious, that would weigh about 7,520 pounds)

Re: feet into cubic yards
by coldfuse on 03/20/02 at 22:17:38

OK, so I'm being picky again.  He needs concrete.

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