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Cubic Feet / Cubic Inches

Cubic Feet / Cubic Inches
by coldfuse on 02/28/02 at 19:32:04

Some things simply cannot pass unnoticed!  I was performing some volume conversions and found the site in error, claiming there were 1728.000025 cubic inches in a cubic foot.  The answer, of course, is simply 1728.  This is not accurate within the promised number of decimals.   Can this be easily remedied?

I love the site and recommend it almost daily working in another forum.  I just hate for this obvious things to go unfixed; they bring the less obvious into question!

Re: Cubic Feet / Cubic Inches
by Robert Fogt on 03/03/02 at 02:01:07

I increased the accuracy of cubic foot, cubic inch, and cubic yard by 5 decimal places.  That should help.

Re: Cubic Feet / Cubic Inches
by coldfuse on 03/08/02 at 23:22:31

Thanks, Robert, I appreciate your response.  The conversion now accurately reflects 1 cubic foot as exactly 1728 cubic inches.

Can anything similar be done to reflect 1 meter/second as 3.6 kilometers per hour?

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