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Angle Conversions

Angle Conversions
by Sam on 03/10/02 at 09:08:49

In your list of angles in the conversion chart, I saw one called a gradient... isn't it called a gradian? Maybe it is referred to both ways. I wasn't sure so I thought I should ask.

BTW, I think your site is great! :)

Re: Angle Conversions
by The Wizard on 03/18/02 at 06:45:05

gradient is the correct term.  There is no such word as gradian.

Re: Angle Conversions
by Robert Fogt on 03/19/02 at 06:17:36

I think gradian might be french for gradient. But it is correct that in the English language there is no such word as gradian.

Re: Angle Conversions
by David Short on 04/27/03 at 20:17:34

Gradian isn't in my dictionary either, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  It's a rare, specialist term, referring to a measurement of an angle. It is equal to 1% of a right angle.  A gradient is something else: the slope of a line.

You seem over-willing to see any word you don't know as being necessarily French.  
(Cf. the word metre (English, not French) vs mètre (French). A meter is a gauge.)



-David, an English teacher in France.

P.S. Useful site.

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