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List of conversion formulas?

List of conversion formulas?
by Fungus7 on 03/24/02 at 02:57:05

Is there a page here at onlinconversion.com that lists the formulas for the various conversions? Or does anyone know of a fairly complete site that has such a list??

Re: List of conversion formulas?
by Robert Fogt on 03/24/02 at 11:28:58

There isn't much of a formula. Just a conversion factor.

(from unit) x (conversion factor) = (to unit)

You can find the conversion factor by entering 1 in the "convert from" field.

The exception would be the temperature conversion which does require a formula.

It is very unlikely that you will find a list of all the factors. With the large number of different units there would be hundreds of thousands of different possible combinations of conversion factors.

Re: List of conversion formulas?
by Dawna on 04/02/02 at 09:05:29

I need conversion formula to convert inches into pounds (for torque)....thanks.

Re: List of conversion formulas?
by Robert Fogt on 04/02/02 at 17:26:46

A inch-pound of torque is the twisting force necessary to support a one pound weight on a weightless horizontal bar, one inch from the fulcrum.

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