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convert dekatherm to scfm

convert dekatherm to scfm
by ed_oliver on 03/27/02 at 04:31:41

Does anyone know the equation for converting dekatherms to scfm for natural gas?........ed ???

Re: convert dekatherm to scfm
by Robert Fogt on 03/27/02 at 13:00:51

I don't think you can.

dekatherm is energy, and scfm is flow rate. Two different types of units.

Re: convert dekatherm to scfm
by ed oliver on 03/27/02 at 13:12:28

we buy gas in dekatherms with a heat content (btu) 1045 . I think there is a formula for coverting dekatherm 1,000,000.btu say and scfm would you just divide by 1000?....ed :-/

Re: convert dekatherm to scfm
by joe blow on 09/01/05 at 07:32:16

Meters are read using cubic feet while gas is billed using Therms (100,000 BTUs). To convert, simply multiply hundreds of cubic feet (CCF) by 1.04. Example: 100 CCF x 1.04 = 104 Therms

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