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ookmarking this page

ookmarking this page
by ushlee on 04/11/02 at 01:50:44



I am trying to bookmark this page without any joy, can any one suggest how to do this?


Re: ookmarking this page
by Robert Fogt on 04/12/02 at 03:25:32

If you are using Internet Exlporer, you can click on "Favorites" then "Add to Favorites", or you can just drag the URL into your favorites folder.

Re: ookmarking this page
by ushlee on 04/12/02 at 04:28:00

Thanxs for the reply to my message regarding bookmarking favourites yes I tried his but without realising that AOl were updating my services and was not informed of it. But normally I do bookmarking as u suggested. Thanks again


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