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scfm to l/mim

scfm to l/mim
by Dennis Van Grol on 04/18/02 at 13:41:38

what is scfm?  is it the same as cfm?

is 3700 liters per minute equal to 130.66 cfm or scfm?


Re: scfm to l/mim
by Robert Fogt on 04/18/02 at 15:38:46

scfm is "standard cubic feet per minute" which is a measure of air flow at a standard temperature and a standard pressure of 1 atmosphere.

There is also "acfm" which is "actual cubic feet per minute"

So to answer your question, it would be cfm or acfm unless the original liters per minute unit was stated as being measured at standard temperature and pressure, then it would be scfm.

Re: scfm to l/mim
by James on 04/27/02 at 14:34:39

:D Damn dude, you're like hella smart. You know about all kinds of acronyms and what they are and conversions. Kick ass!

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