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imperial gal/min conv. to lbs per hr

imperial gal/min conv. to lbs per hr
by alpha on 05/03/02 at 09:17:12


If any one can convert one imperial gal to pounds per hour U.S.  we need to use this in an aviation test stand for fuel the book is writen in france,  if that makes a diffrence. they also refer to 1000 liters per hours =       (3.66 imp gal/min). the fuel stand we have reads in pounds per hour

thanks  ???  :-/

Re: imperial gal/min conv. to lbs per hr
by Robert Fogt on 05/03/02 at 23:17:30

If you know the specific gravity of the fuel, you'll be able to convert between weight and volume.

You might be able to look that up for the type of fuel you have.

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