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sq. inch to cubic feet per minute

sq. inch to cubic feet per minute
by Bob R. on 05/06/02 at 23:09:33

I'm looking for a way to convert sq. inch of area to cubic feet per minute .I know there are things you can't factor in but I just need a way to get a rough idea of how much air flow a given bore size will move. It is common in automotive but I can't find it ! Can anybody help?

Re: sq. inch to cubic feet per minute
by P.B on 08/20/02 at 00:53:22

You do not say what you want. I suppose you are interested to know the "speed per minute" of air flow.
divide the delivery flow in this way:convert cu.ft per minute to cu.inch per minute then divide this value by the area in sq.inch you know. This area must be the orifice or pipe section trhough which the air flows. The result in speed in inch per minute.

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