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How do I calculate time from one time to another

How do I calculate time from one time to another
by Boo23 on 05/26/02 at 21:43:42

I need to know how to calculate time on a payroll card like 6:30 am to1:29pm and 4:42 to 8:41.
what is an easy way to calculate time card minutes and hours.
is there an easy formula?


Boo23 :'( :'(

Re: How do I calculate time from one time to anoth
by Robert Fogt on 05/27/02 at 23:21:10

I dont know of an online calculator to help you. I did find this freeware windows software that might help.


I will keep an eye out for a javascript calculator to add to the site.

Re: How do I calculate time from one time to anoth
by anovick on 06/18/02 at 08:03:30

Luck have it, I've done this for a time card systems.  The problem is that what you usually get is just a punch with a time but no direciton.  That is, you don't get In and Out.  In some situiations, where the possibility of working at night doesn't exist, the problem is limited to locating missing punches.
But if workers can work overnight deciding what the direction for a punch is is more difficult.

Another issue is the rules for calculating time.  If you want to calculate to the minute it's pretty easy: convert everyting to a common unit base like seconds since midnight and subtract the punch out time from the punch in time, then subtract the meals and breaks.  

But from here you'll have to rely on the rules of the employer.  Some will subtract a fixed number of minutes for meals but not breaks, some subtract both, some neither.  If there's a union contract it may specify.

You also have the issue of early and late punches.  A great trick to get a little overtime is to punch in 8 minute early and punch out 8 minutes late.  If the employer pays for a quarter hour, the employee can get 1/4 hour of overtime every day without seeming to work late.  It's OK with me, but some employers don't like it.   However, to catch it you must know what the schedule is.  Otherwise you don't know what is 8 minutes early.

Well I've probably made the siutiation worse not better but writing a program to keep time can be complex.


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