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Compression Testing

Compression Testing
by RogerT on 05/31/02 at 01:26:34

I need to convert kP/cm to kN/metre.
This is to be able to calculate the Compression Strength of corrugated cardboard.
I believe one is a measure of Pressure, one a measure of Force. So, is it possible?

Re: Compression Testing
by Robert Fogt on 06/01/02 at 18:40:20

The kP should be kp, which is kilopond. kp/cm and kN/m are both surface tension measurments. kP would be kilopascal, which you wouldn't be able to convert between.  So I will assume you meant kp instead of kP.

kilopond (kp) is just another name for the kilogram-force (kgf) which we normally just call a kilogram (kg).

1 kp/cm = .980665 kN/m

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