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Airflow Rate question

Airflow Rate question
by djg84 on 06/14/02 at 20:00:37

Is cubic feet per minute the same with lb/min ?
And if yes... is it used to erase the last zero when not needed ?  ( i have 2 diagrams of pressure ratio vs airflow the one is press.ratio vs cubic feet minute and the other is in press.ratio vs lb/min  the one starts from 150 and the other from 5  they are about 2 turbochargers and i don't think thay have so much difference in flow rate and i thought it might be the one 150 and the other 50

Re: Airflow Rate question
by Robert Fogt on 06/15/02 at 04:28:50

cubic feet per minute is volume based flow rate, and pound per minute is mass based flow rate.

I do not think there is a way to convert between the two. Not directly anyways. If there is, it would be specific to the substance.

Re: Airflow Rate question
by P.B on 08/20/02 at 00:41:37

cu.ft/min is related to lb/min. by the specific weight of the gas.

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