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converstion of Speed to Distance

converstion of Speed to Distance
by vsrprasad on 07/02/02 at 19:47:32

I have a Speed value on Knots. I would like to convert this value in to Distance (meters/centimeters).

Distance (in Noticen miles) = Speed (in Knots) * time(in hours).

But if i want this distance in meters or centimeters then How to make converstion?.

How to do It?.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance..


Re: converstion of Speed to Distance
by Roy O on 08/06/02 at 02:50:49

from my understanding your asking for a straight simple conversion.

If youre going 1 knot then you'll get 1.852 km travell in one hour

maybe your going 5.5 knots then
5.5 times 1.852 = 10.186 km in one hour.

Is this what you want to know?

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