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Determine gal of water in well

Determine gal of water in well
by Jearley on 09/19/02 at 04:32:40

I've just had a new well drilled. It uses 6" pipe cassings.
I'm trying to figure out how many gallons of water
reserve I have. There is 270' of water in the cassings.
Any help appreciated.

Re: Determine gal of water in well
by Robert Fogt on 09/19/02 at 10:52:46

A couple questions first.

When you say 6" pipe cassings, is that a circular pipe 6" in diameter or circumference?

Is the pipe the entire well? Or is it similiar to like a straw in a can of soda?

If it is a 6" diameter pipe: (use 0.5' instead of 6")
area = PI * (diameter / 2) * (diameter / 2);
area = 0.19634954084936207 square feet

volume = area * height
volume = 0.19634954084936207 * 270
volume = 53.0143760293277589 cubic feet

Using the volume conversion page:
53.01437602932776 cubic foot = 396.575073 gallon [US, liquid]

So that means about 396.6 gallons being held in the pipe, if my above assumtions were correct.

Re: Determine gal of water in well
by Jearley on 09/23/02 at 04:43:11

Thanks for the assistance.  You were correct the 6 inch cassing is the total well. The hole is only bored large
enough to insert the pipe. Have a good day.

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