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Temp (deg C) to Watts

Temp (deg C) to Watts
by Philip Rougier on 09/24/02 at 15:10:46

Can you please tell me where the Celsius heat unit to Watt hour conversion comes from (in the online conversion), ie the formula ?  It looks a bit like the Stephan-Bolztmann constant, but that's only part of the S-B formula, which has a T^4 in it.  

What I'm trying to do is calculate the effective energy in Watts emitted from a window by taking external glass temp and internal air temp, in deg C


Re: Temp (deg C) to Watts
by Robert Fogt on 09/26/02 at 00:57:42

Well there isn't a formula really, just a conversion factor.

1 centigrade heat unit (International Table) = 0.52752793 watthour

If you are looking for a formula for converting it using non-standard temperature and pressure, I wont be able to help you there.   But I do have conversion factors for several different temperatures, if that will help.

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