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Body Alcohol

Body Alcohol
by Andrew on 09/27/02 at 09:14:40

Two thoughts on the body alcohol converter, one serious, the other less so.

1)  Perhaps a legal disclaimer might protect you from someone claiming "but their website said I was sober, Your Honour" in court.

2) When I entered 2000 fl.oz. of  beer drunk in an hour into the calculator, I was a bit surprised to be told that I MIGHT be over the limit in some states.  I recon that I would be in SOME state (If still alive!)  Perhaps a new over the top bracket is needed?

Re: Body Alcohol
by Robert Fogt on 10/01/02 at 16:15:56

Thanks for the feedback.

I just added this notice to the BAC page:
[i]NOTICE: This conversion is not completely accurate and should not be used to determine if you are capable of driving. OnlineConversion.com does not want you to drive after drinking, even if you are within legal limits.[/i]

I already do have this general notice that covers most things:
[i]Do not assume any conversion on this site is accurate and correct.
Do not use any conversion on this site where loss of life, money, or property could result from inaccurate or incorrect conversions.[/i]

I have also added it to my to-do list to research an "over the top" bracket.  Find out what percentage most people would be passed out dead. :)

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