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1 Ton Hoist

1 Ton Hoist
by Dennis Prevo on 10/26/02 at 16:40:42

I have a 1 ton hoist that i am going to hang. What size
I beam do i need to spand  20 foot ?

Re: 1 Ton Hoist
by Robert Fogt on 10/28/02 at 03:07:06

You just need a beam rated to hold 1 ton or higher.

The actual thickness of the beam depends on the material it is made of, if it is I-beam, rectangular, uses a truss, where the hoist is connected, etc.

I understand what you are asking though. A beam 20 foot long will hold less than a beam of the same thickness that is only 10 foot long. And if the beam is wood, time will weaken it.

But, your question is similiar to trying to design a bridge. You need to work with formulas for compression, tension, and dissipation. Which would be greek to anyone who isn't an engineer or architect.

A good replacement for all those formulas is experience. The master at the auto-parts or hardware store will be able to answer your question easily enough. I would try there.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Maybe someone else who reads the forum will know.

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