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Liquid cylinder length to gallons

Liquid cylinder length to gallons
by magnum on 11/12/02 at 08:47:09

Is there a way, using the converters, to determine the liquid volume in U.S. gallons, of a cylindrical tube that is a mile long and a tenth of an inch in diameter? ;D

Re: Liquid cylinder length to gallons
by Robert Fogt on 11/17/02 at 03:47:46

Try this one here:


Re: Liquid cylinder length to gallons
by magnum on 11/18/02 at 07:32:42

Hi Robert,

I tried the calculator you mentioned, and at first blush it didn't seem right to me.  It required 3 of 4 values (outside R, inside R, height, volume), which didn't make sense.  What difference would the outside radius make, and I'm LOOKING for the volume!  Then I saw that you needed to enter "0" for the inside radius if the cylinder was "solid", which was essentially what I was looking for (a "solid" cylinder of water).  FYI, I found a simpler calculator at the following URL:  http://www.1728.com/diam.htm

In the mean time, I found out the correct formula for determing the volume of a cylinder, which is what I was lacking to begin with.

For anyone who wants to know, the answer is 2.15 US gallons liquid.


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