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Korean area unit "pyoung"

Korean area unit "pyoung"
by ALBERT BARBOSA on 11/15/02 at 11:16:18

I just noticed on your website that Japan area unit of 1 "bu" is equivalent to 3.306 square meters.

I lived in Korea for a short time, and they use an area unit of "pyoung".  I was told that one pyoung was equivalent to 3.3 sq meters.

I had a very difficult time finding something on line in English to confirm this.  This one site below has some some area units in sq. meters and pyoung.

Are the "bu" and "pyoung" the same with just different names? The Taiwan "bin" on your site is also 3.306 sq. meters?


Re: Korean area unit "pyoung"
by Robert Fogt on 11/17/02 at 04:19:52

The pyoung is equal to 3.306 square meters.

It is not related to the bu or bin, but they equal the same.

I have the pyoung on my to-do list, not sure why I haven't added it yet, but I will soon.

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