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liquid weight to pounds

liquid weight to pounds
by bruch on 12/04/02 at 11:15:41

:-[ Please assist me in the conversion of 1 gallon of
water to pounds.  Thanks.

:-/ PS: Am I correct in 'assuming' (bad word) that all
liquids are not the same weight?

Re: liquid weight to pounds
by Robert Fogt on 12/05/02 at 08:35:43

There is a water weight converter here:

You are correct that different substances will have a different volume to weight conversion. The above is for water only.

I have data for other liquids, just not up on the site yet. If you let me know what other you need, I may be of more help.

Re: liquid weight to pounds
by Gene Williams on 03/19/03 at 14:18:24

I would like to know how much a gallon of gasoline weighs.


Re: liquid weight to pounds
by Rudy on 03/21/03 at 06:27:26

;) According to my sources, a gallon of gasoline weighs
6.1 lbs.

Re: liquid weight to pounds
by Robert Fogt on 03/21/03 at 09:18:08

It is just an estimate though.  Each type and brand of gas will weigh slightly different.

I was also able to find out that the specific gravity of gasoline is about 0.74. Which means that gas weighs 0.74 times that of water.  Racing fuel usually is below 0.74, while regular gas is above 0.74.

You could use the water weight conversion, then just multiply by 0.74 to convert the answer to gas instead of water.

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