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by hoisio on 12/05/02 at 18:40:58

OK, stupid question. I'm in the process of trying to rent warehouse space for an indoor skate park. I found a warehouse for rent listing at 75,000 sq.ft. What would be the dimensions of this building? Thanks, I'm not that great at math...

Re: Question...
by baba on 12/05/02 at 18:58:49

what are you looking for? length and width?

Re: Question...
by hoisio on 12/05/02 at 19:18:42

exactly... do you know what the length and wideth would be?

Re: Question...
by Robert Fogt on 12/07/02 at 11:23:20

Unless you know for a fact that the building is a perfect square, you can't figure out what the dimensions are from the area.

Area = Length X Width

If the warehouse is a perfect square, then you can just take the square root of the area to get the length of one side. (273.86 feet X 273.86 feet)

But if the warehouse is rectangular, the dimensions could be nearly anything. (75 feet X 1000 feet, or 200 feet X 375 feet, etc....)

You'll need to ask them the specifics.

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