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Please add PSI to pressure page

Please add PSI to pressure page
by T Smith on 02/10/03 at 21:30:23

The pressure page is missing pounds/inch^2 (PSI)

also, you may want to add kilopascals, even though the conversion from pascals is very simple, non-scientific people may not realize that.

Re: Please add PSI to pressure page
by Robert Fogt on 02/11/03 at 19:17:29

Use lbf/square inch  Which is pounds-force per square inch.

I realize I need consistancy with the abbreviations. I cant use superscript in the list boxes, and pounds-force/square inch was too long, so I shortned to lbf/square inch.

I put on my to-do list to re-work that page. I should have it finished soon.

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