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by Remco Herfst on 02/18/03 at 02:43:58

A very nice site, but that what I was looking for (and for a long time now) I couldn't find...
I buy (via ebay for instance) clothes for my children. In the US I find beutiful childrenclothes, but... always with American sizes.
Here in Europe (to be exactly: in The Netherlands) we have different sizes.
Is it possible to ad a conversion table for childrenclothes?
Or does anybody knows a site where I can find one?
Thanks a lot!!!

Re: childrenclothing
by Budda on 01/28/04 at 06:44:11

i know that in a good clothes store they will have conversion tables. just ask them for one and maybe forward one to the author of this page...

Re: childrenclothing
by Robert Fogt on 01/29/04 at 00:48:42

Yes, please forward clothing conversions you find to me.

Clothing conversions are very difficult for me to find and research. There doesn't seem to be any set standard for sizing.

Anything you find and forward would be a big help.

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