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circle to sq to feet ??

circle to sq to feet ??
by E&H on 02/19/03 at 06:15:06

how do we fine sq foot of a circle     ???


Re: circle to sq to feet ??
by Robert Fogt on 02/19/03 at 09:58:20

Try the Circle Solver page here:

Though keep in mind, for the result to be in square feet, the input must be in feet.

If you enter a diameter in inches, the result will be square inches.

Re: circle to sq to feet ??
by Happykraut on 02/19/03 at 16:34:46

The formula is Pi r squared. Tough to write on a keyboard. Pi=3.14159 and  r=radius of circle in feet. Or 3.14159x(radiusx radius). The radius is half of the diameter.

Re: circle to sq to feet ??
by swp on 04/12/04 at 12:49:36

A friend told me an easy way to remember how to calculate the area of a circle.
Most pies are round but, if the [color=Red]pie are square[/color], it would be easy!
pi x r squared = area

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