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by Happykraut on 02/19/03 at 16:18:15

How do I convert a lat/long coordinate given in degrees,minutes and seconds e.g.45 35 30 to a decimal value e.g.45.3569. And vica-versa. I took up geocaching. Thanks

Re: latitude/longitude
by Happykraut on 02/24/03 at 12:24:17

 ;D Since noone else provided me with an answer, I guess I'll have to answer myself. For a really neat converter go to : http://www.mentorsoftwareinc.com/Freebie/freebies.htm  and download their free converter.  Bernie

Re: latitude/longitude
by MJ on 04/18/03 at 06:58:33

I have found the following link to be quite useful: http://jeeep.com/details/coord/.  No download required.

Re: latitude/longitude
by Robert Fogt on 04/18/03 at 20:49:43

That url will come in handy when I begin researching the subject to add it to this site.

Thanks for posting it.

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