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linear meter in $

linear meter in $
by plank on 03/25/03 at 19:23:08

can u please help me to calculate on wood flooring.
a piece is 19mmx90mmx2m.total is 6500pcs. the cost is US$900 per m3. what is the linear meter in US$. thank you.

Re: linear meter in $
by Robert Fogt on 03/28/03 at 17:54:04

Linear meters would be just the total length, as if each piece was placed end to end.

6500 * 2 = 13000 linear meters

You can find the cost per linear meter from the cost per cubic meter, by multiplying by the width and height of the board. (have to convert millimeter to meter first)

900 * (0.019 * 0.090) = $1.539 per linear meter

Now we can verify the cost using both cost per cubic meter and cost per linear meter, see if they come out the same.

cost per cubic meter method:
6500 * (2 * 0.090 * 0.019) = 11.115 cubic meters
11.115 * 900 = $10003.50 total cost

cost per linear meter method:
6500 * 1.539 = $10003.50 total cost

Both came out the same so we know the calculations were correct.

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