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Correct Metric Spelling

Correct Metric Spelling
by No Spam on 04/08/03 at 22:39:31

Metre not Meter
Litre not Liter

Re: Correct Metric Spelling
by Robert Fogt on 04/10/03 at 12:38:31

Meter is the English spelling, and Metre is the French spelling.  This being a mostly English language site, I used Meter instead of Metre in most places.

Most people that know what Metre is, also know that it is the same as Meter.  But most people that use Meter, are not aware that it is also Metre.  So I figure it confuses less people to use the Meter spelling.

Re: Correct Metric Spelling
by No Spam on 04/13/03 at 19:23:58

Hi There,

Metre is the English spelling, Meter is the American spelling.  Colour vs Color, Realise vs Realize etc.

In English, a "Metre" is a unit of metric measurement and a "Meter" is a device for measuring quantity (AMP meter, water meter, etc).

PS.  I neglected to preface my previous post with an appropriate statement of admiration for your site, I have found it VERY useful.

Re: Correct Metric Spelling
by Smarter than you on 11/22/05 at 15:49:10

Actually, your both wrong

A Meter is used for a type of measuring device, ex odometer, speedometer ect.

Whereas a Metre is a unit of meausre like inch, centimetre, litre, kilometre, AU, lightyear  ect...

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