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Browser Add-in

Browser Add-in
by No Spam on 04/13/03 at 19:46:52

Hi Again,

It occurred to me that as one is surfing the web, it might be handy to be able to call upon your superb conversions in the form of a browser add-in.

If I see a web site claiming that a wiget is 14'10" long, then I should be able to highlight that phrase, right click and popup a conversion window (based on your code)  to tell me that it is 4.5212 metres.

The browser add-in could take a rough stab at the format (degrees C, PSI, mm, BTU, etc) on the web page by the surrounding text or page language and then convert to either your default preference, or the opposite (metric to imperial or imperial to metric) with an option to manually override the input / output formats.

The add-in should ideally be browser-neutral or at least work for Netscape and IE.

The add-in would be simple and remain unchanged with the ability to download updated algorithms from the main site from time to time forming product "upgrades".  Users might even be able to add their own algorithms and then upload them to your central database for future distribution.

Re: Browser Add-in
by Budda on 01/28/04 at 06:40:49

Yes i second that motion.

easier said than done, tho.
There is a program called cleverkeys which does just that for words. maybe get in touch with the author of that and just ask him to modify it for numbers.
Btw, its not a browser add in rather a standalone prog which works in all office progs too.
i think a stand alone is better than browser add in as i often have "strange" numbers in word documents...

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