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T shirt size

T shirt size
by Katy on 04/24/03 at 02:32:28

Hurry Please! I need the answer today... I want to order a T shirt for a man that normally wears L or XL but in the catalog they only have these sizes  44/46  48/50  52/54  56/58   which one do I order?  

Re: T shirt size
by Robert Fogt on 04/24/03 at 03:53:35

Letter sizes are not standardized. The differ between countries, and brand name.

You could measure his chest.  I believe the 44/46, 48/50, etc, is the measurement around the chest in inches.

If you post the brand name, and country, someone may be of help converting the letter sizes to number.

Re: T shirt size
by lKaty on 04/24/03 at 06:21:56

The catalog is German... and the L and XL is sizes from the USA.... That is about all the information I know to give.

Re: T shirt size
by Rudy on 04/24/03 at 06:34:26

Hi Katy.

I normally wear a L to XL. A 40/42 would be a snug yet
comfortable fit,  appropriate for an undershirt and the 44/46 would provide a loose fit and could be worn without a shirt.

Hope this helps.

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