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question about a conversion

question about a conversion
by Mike K on 04/28/03 at 09:40:27

I was wondering what the number I multiply the volume of steel by, in order to convert it to weight. I work in a tool shop where we just got 4 HUGE blocks of steel in that measure 40 x 50 x 100 inches.  :o
The volume of it is 200000 cubic inches, a friend of mine was saying you have to multiply the volume by .283 or something. I was wondering if we were using the correct number. that would mean a cubic inch of normal steel (not lead or brass or any of that, just regular steel) weighs .283 pounds, is this correct?
That would mean those blocks weigh 56,600 pounds each.


Re: question about a conversion
by Robert Fogt on 04/28/03 at 15:16:49

Rolled steel has a specific gravity of 7.93 (cast steel is 7.85)

A specific gravity of 1.0 would mean that 1 liter weighs 1 kilogram. (water has a specific gravity of 1.0)

A specific gravity of 7.93 means 1 liter weighs 7.93 kilograms.

(cubic inch to liter) / (pounds to kilograms)
0.016387064 / 0.45359243 = 0.036127287

The conversion factor for rolled steel:
0.036127287 * 7.93 = 0.2864893877

The conversion factor for cast steel:
0.036127287 * 7.85 = 0.28359920295

200,000 cubic inches * 0.28359920295 = 56719.84059 pounds

So the number your friend gave you is very close to what I came up with for cast steel.  The specific gravity of different types of steel seem very close, so using either would be a good estimate.

by Mike K on 04/29/03 at 21:51:32

Thanks for the info!!

Mike K

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