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lbf/sqft --> lbf/lnft

lbf/sqft --> lbf/lnft
by Donald Overlander on 04/29/03 at 05:36:54

Calculating Beam Loading from distributed roof loading.  Roof carries 10 lbf/sqft materials, 36.75 lbf/sqft unbalanced snow load....what is the per linear foot bearing weight at the ridge beam?....tadum :).  

I would be more than willing to turn this into a FREE online app for DIY construction people, as everyone out there wants $30 + to do these one off calculations with their software, but I don't have time to figure the equations out just now...

Re: lbf/sqft --> lbf/lnft
by Robert Fogt on 05/03/03 at 07:58:20

I have added this to my to-do list.  It will take a bit of research, but I will eventually have something up.  :)

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