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cubic foot to square foot

cubic foot to square foot
by sd on 06/16/03 at 13:58:16

Is there a conversion formula for converting cubic foot to square foot?


Re: cubic foot to square foot
by Robert Fogt on 06/16/03 at 16:12:48

Volume = Length * Width * Height
Area = Length * Width
Area = Volume / Height

You didn't mention, so I will guess, its for something like topsoil, or sand, or gravel.  Something convering your yard?

To convert cubic foot to square foot, just divide by the height (in feet).

The height is usually given in inches, so convert the inches to feet before dividing.

Re: cubic foot to square foot
by SD on 06/17/03 at 08:31:27

Thanks so much for your reply. Actually the application is the measurement of an insulation layer used in construction and I am trying to convert a density of 0.6g/cm3 (37pcf) to a density per sq. ft. -- is that 'doable'?

Re: cubic foot to square foot
by Robert Fogt on 06/17/03 at 12:27:25

Yes, as long as you know the thickness of the insulation.

First multiply 6 g/cm³ by the thickness in centimeters, then divide by the cm² to ft² conversion factor.

g/cm³ * cm = g/cm²
g/cm² / 0.0010764 = g/ft²

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