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Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity
by Joel on 06/25/03 at 12:07:24

if provided with Specific Gravity for an "X" ingredient; how do I then conver it to weight?
is there a standard fromula for this purpose?
IE.  1.19 SG.

Re: Specific Gravity
by Robert Fogt on 06/25/03 at 16:44:01

Specific Gravity is the weight compared to water.

Something with a specific gravity of 1.0 weighs 1.0 times the weight of water.  A specific gravity of 1.19 means that it weighs 1.19 times the weight of water.

1 liter of water weighs 1 kilogram

1 liter of your substance would weigh 1.19 kilograms

You can convert between different volume units and weight units knowing the specific gravity, such as cups to grams. Just wasn't sure what units you needed.

Re: Specific Gravity
by J.C. on 06/26/03 at 06:14:49

Thank you for the information!  :)
I needed to obtain the weight on pounds for the liquids, in order to find the total weight of the recipe and calculate the % for each ingredient.
I was provided with the S.G. for each of the liquids but I wasn't sure how to convert it to weight.
Thank you once again for your prompt response and your diligent work, is refreshing to find unselfish individuals such as yourself, we all appreciate it !!!!!!

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