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by Simeon Cox on 07/14/03 at 06:12:28

Can anyone help me please, I have a pump that provides a given flow rate of water in gallons per minute but I need to equate this to a given pressure.  I guess I need more information but what?  pipe diameter? length of pipe run?

Re: Pressure
by Robert Fogt on 07/14/03 at 21:15:05

I know it is fairly easy to figure the velocity of the liquid traveling through the pump at a given flow rate, if yoyu know the area of a crossection of the pipe.

But the formula for calculating the pressure from the flow rate escapes me.

I found a site here:

They seem to sell products and specialize in the subject. You might try contacting a salesman there and see if they can provide you with the formula.

If you contact them, I'd love to hear what they say. I can do some more reasearch if they cant help you.

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