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c'mon, people

c'mon, people
by Kuba on 07/15/03 at 09:49:18


This forum is incredible. If you want to know how drugged/drunk/ignorant/typing-faster-than-thinking many (most?) of the posters are, that is ;D. Or how bad their teachers were, in fact.

If somebody asks to convert area units into volume units, it's not a question about unit conversions anymore. It's more of "dude, how does the world around me work" kind of thing. It has nothing to do with science classes anymore. More of a "we don't live on a disc carried by turtles".

We don't need no Einsteins everywhere, but some posts here are just hilarious. If you're a teacher, better read all of the posts twice and try to avoid mistakes of other grade school teachers.

Cheers, Kuba, ROTFL  :D

Re: c'mon, people
by Kuba on 07/15/03 at 09:50:35

No offense intended to anyone, obviously. If you didn't get it so far, that is.

;D, Kuba

Re: c'mon, people
by Robert Fogt on 07/16/03 at 04:15:41

Most often it is a matter of way of thinking. Just need to do what they meant, not what they said, type thing.

If someone asks how to convert area into volume, the correct answer to that would be you cant. Since volume has an extra dimension.

But if they ask how many cubic foot of soil they need to cover thier 100 square foot backyard, then you can see what they meant by converting area into volume. How thick they want the topsoil becomes the missing dimension.

Though it should be easy enough to figure out why people need to ask questions like that to begin with. Conversions, geometry, algebra, and so forth, are not a part of basic education.

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