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kN/mm2 to psi

kN/mm2 to psi
by Phil_Jones on 07/23/03 at 10:35:49

Could someone give info on converting kN/mm2 to psi. Apparently kn/mm2 is a standard way of noting Youngs Modulus and Rigidity Modulus for wire in UK and Europe. Is Youngs Modulus the same as Modulus of Elasticity and Rigidity Modulus the same as Torsional Modulus ot is it visa versa?

Thanks for any info.
Phil Jones

Re: kN/mm2 to psi
by Robert Fogt on 07/23/03 at 12:34:54

Currently, you will have to convert kN/mm˛ to N/mm˛ by multiplying by 1000, then you can use the pressure conversion page to convert N/mm˛ to PSI.


I was unaware of the use of kN/mm˛ which is why it is currently not on the Pressure conversion page.  I have added it to my to-do list, and will try to add it soon.

Re: kN/mm2 to psi
by Phil_Jones on 07/23/03 at 13:18:59


Thanks for the quick reply. You have a VERY useful web site which I only recently discovered.

Thanks again,
Phil Jones

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