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by Nathan on 08/13/03 at 08:16:54

I need to figure out how much 1 gallon of lube oil(turbine oil) weighs, and then if possible what the PSI of the oil could possibly be in a standing position.

Problem description, I have a lube oil tank that is designed to hold roughly 7 thousand gallons. Installed above the maximum oil level there are blow off pannels. which are designed to blow at a rated positive psi. I need to know if the tank was over filled if there is a way to convert the amount of oil into actual psi. Thus giving me an idea if these blow off pannels would burst. Bear in mind this is not a normal operating situation this is simply for discussion.

Re: oil/gallon/weight/psi
by Robert Fogt on 08/14/03 at 03:59:50

I found data for:

Oil, petroleum
Specific Gravity 0.88

That means that it weighs 0.88 kilograms/liter

1 liter = 0.2641721 gallon [US, liquid]
0.88 / 0.2641721 = 3.3312 kilograms/gallon
1 kilogram = 2.2046226 pound
3.3312 * 2.2046226 = 7.344 pounds/gallon

1 gallon weighs 7.344, 7000 gallons would weigh
7000 * 7.344 = 51,408 pounds

For the PSI, I am assuming you mean when the tank is overfilled far enough and the pressure on the panels becomes great enough, they blow to allow the overflow to exit.  Something like that.

But, I am not sure how you would go about calculating that.

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