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grams to cups/tablespoons

grams to cups/tablespoons
by howgoesit88 on 08/14/03 at 13:52:11

does anyone know how many tablespoons or cups are in 10 grams? i'd really like to know!....thanks for your time is you answer this!

Re: grams to cups/tablespoons
by Robert Fogt on 08/14/03 at 15:37:23

That depends on the substance.  Every substance will have a different weight to volume conversion.

If you let me know what the substance is I may be of help.  I have been collecting data on many cooking substances to add to the cooking conversion page.

Re: grams to cups/tablespoons
by howgoesit88 on 08/15/03 at 14:05:40

yeah the substance is nutmeg.......i'm trying this recepie that i found somewhere and it gave the the amount of nutmeg in grams for somereason....thanck you very much i really appreciate your time

Re: grams to cups/tablespoons
by Robert Fogt on 08/16/03 at 12:17:41

Ground nutmeg has a density of 0.4733 grams/milliliter

That makes it about 7 grams/tablespoon or 2 grams/teaspoon

10 grams would be 5 teaspoons.

Re: grams to cups/tablespoons
by sophian on 10/08/03 at 08:37:00

Similar question, different substances.  
160 gms of flour
80 gms of sugar

Just to make it interesting, since I'm a writer and we love to make things interesting, I met a wonderful German woman in the supermarket carefully selecting prune plums. I mentioned that someone else in a supermarket a long time ago quickly told me a recipe but I hadn't written it down.  She was willing to take the time to give me her recipe for a prune tart. On a day when other people in my life were giving me a hard time, this was so meaningful. Though she knew most of the ingredients by teaspoon, these were two she only new "in German!" :)

Re: grams to cups/tablespoons
by Robert Fogt on 10/08/03 at 14:39:49

According to the Alt.cooking FAQ

flour, Deaf Smith 130 grams/cup
flour, U.K. self-raising 110 grams/cup
flour, U.S. all-purpose 100 grams/cup
flour, buckwheat  170 grams/cup
flour, cake 90 grams/cup
flour, legume 130 grams/cup
flour, potato 170 grams/cup
flour, rice 150 grams/cup
flour, rye 90 grams/cup
flour, semolina 175 grams/cup
flour, wheat bread 100 grams/cup
flour, whole wheat 130 grams/cup

sugar, brown 200 grams/cup
sugar, castor 190 grams/cup
sugar, confectioner's 130 grams/cup
sugar, granulated 190 grams/cup
sugar, powdered 130 grams/cup

Someday soon I hope to have all this data in an automated calculator like you're used to on the rest of the site.

Re: grams to cups/tablespoons
by Sophia Niarchos on 10/08/03 at 21:41:32

:D Thank you so very much. I can finally make the recipe! AND I've learned a lot about conversions.  The idea about a calculator-like program is great!  Best wishes, Sophia

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