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Converting grams per inch to N/mm^2

Converting grams per inch to N/mm^2
by Gabriel on 08/25/03 at 10:26:54

I have to test some products for work on  release adhesion tester; The release adhesion tester only allows for grams or grams per inch. The customers print calls out for 9.8N/2.5mm^2.

How do I convert these readings?

Re: Converting grams per inch to N/mm^2
by Robert Fogt on 08/25/03 at 12:47:41

They are three different types of units.  I do not think you can directly convert between them.

It probably depends greatly on the machine, so try contacting the manufacturer and see if they have the conversion factors already worked out.

In your case:
gram is a unit of force
gram/inch is a unit of surface tension
Newton/square millimeter is a unit of pressure

There is a relationship between them, just no direct conversion.

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