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viscosity & specific gravity

viscosity & specific gravity
by Steve on 10/23/03 at 08:22:59

Here are a few things I would find useful:
For viscosity, the units of Saybolt seconds, SUS, SSU, Saybolt Furol, Redwood, etc.  I can't keep them straight and get confused whenever I see these units - used in oil industry.
For density, the units of specific gravity, degrees API, degrees Baume.  Specific gravity (at a reference temperature) is the base density used in scientific books, API is used in oil industry, and Baume in chemical industry.  And fyi, there are many other SG scales for specific fluids - like one for milk.
Finally unit abbreviations and definitions would be great...and I realize it has been requested by others.
Overall, this is a very useful and interesting site. Thanks.

Re: viscosity & specific gravity
by Robert Fogt on 10/23/03 at 21:26:23

I have actually started work on pages for unit symbols, abbreviations, and definitions.  There are just so few finished right now, I had thought to wait before I put it up online.

I will eventually get these things added to the site. They are on my to-do list.  Maybe someday when Bill Gates takes notice of me and sends some money my way, I could hire a team to do this full time.  :)

Thanks for the feedback.

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