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Cylinder volume---am I right?

Cylinder volume---am I right?
by Erik Rairden on 12/22/03 at 15:37:37

I'm trying to calculate the height of a cylinder in a dirtbike.  It's a 125cc engine.

The radius is 27mm and therefore the area of the base is 2290mm[sup]2[/sup].  So I then converted it to centimeters squared which is 22.90221.

So now I have 2 variables with one variable left to figure out(height).


Is 22.9 in cm[sup]2[/sup]?  So then you divide both sides by 22.9cm[sup]2[/sup] to get h.

I got 5.4493cm.  I know that's wrong.
I sincerely appreciate your time for helping me.  Thanks.

Re: Cylinder volume---am I right?
by Robert Fogt on 12/23/03 at 07:43:39

The height would be 54.57988 mm.

The first thing I like to do, is make sure everything is using the same units, by converting everything to millimeters. The volume of the ccylinder is 125 cm³
125 cm³ * 1000 = 125,000 mm³

A cylinder with a radius of 27 mm will have an area of:
Pi * 27² = 2290.22104 mm²

Now, just divide the volume, by the area, and you get the height:
125,000 / 2290.22104 = 54.57988 mm

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