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by Besk on 01/12/04 at 19:43:42

I going to ask a really mean, and serious question:
About a year ago I created a fanastic slew of conversion utilities to add to the OnlineConversion Site, much like the Temperature Converter Robert created, perhaps better.  But when I suggested it to BlueSparks Network (for free--I never charge), they never replied and here a year later they come out with their 'own software'.  Did they just copy my idea without my permission and change a few things(I did after all copyright my programs)?  Or did they just not want my 'outside help'? ???

Re: ConversionUtil
by Robert Fogt on 01/13/04 at 15:07:06

I started OnlineConversion many years ago, prior to 1996.  I doubt anyone can say I copied them, since I believe I was the first on the web.

I try to respond to all emails I receive. If I did not respond to yours, it was most likely that I thought it spam.  I recieve alot of email every day, and usually depend on my spam filters to stop most of it. Sometimes the spam filters remove valid email. Try sending it again.

Also, I have received hundreds of requests to distribute conversion software, there are alot of conversion programs out there. I decline all these offers. The main reason being I will be releasing my own software, which is an obvious next step for me, as the content of the site proves.

My temperature converter program is a 100% original creation. I also believe it has unique features compared to other temperature converters.

While I am sorry I will not be able to distribute your software, I do welcome your email and will try harder to make sure it is not overlooked.

Re: ConversionUtil
by Besk on 01/13/04 at 15:33:23

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anything, I just wanted to help you.

Re: ConversionUtil
by Robert Fogt on 01/14/04 at 00:02:08

No offense taken.  And sorry if I did not respond to your email, just resend it and I'll keep an eye out for it.

I do often put up conversions on this site authored by others. You could send JavaScript/HTML conversions to me for possible inclusion on the site. In exchange I provide a return link from the page.

Though I gathered from your message it is actual PC software you are trying to distribute.

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