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Weights of paper

Weights of paper
by J.A. LaPoint on 01/13/04 at 13:09:50

Is there a conversion for weight of paper to thickness?
Example: 20 pound copy paper = .0040" or.11mm


Re: Weights of paper
by Robert Fogt on 01/14/04 at 17:44:08

20 pound paper means one ream cut in standard size weighs 20 pounds.

While there is obviously a relationship between the the paper thickness and its weight, I could not find anything on the net detailing the conversion between the two.

I do have a fairly good paper resource bookmarked.

It is the only version of a book used in the paper industry. I dictionary of terms. Though I could not find anything to help you convert weight to thickness, just thought it was a related resource I should mention.

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