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by Larry Gray on 01/16/04 at 15:06:58

I was able to find a unit of pressure measurement, the kilopond, on OnlineConversion.com, that I had to convert to PSI.  This the conversion chart did flawlessly, however, what is a kilopond?  I've never heard of it until converting some aircraft documentation.  



Re: Kilopond?
by Robert Fogt on 01/16/04 at 19:46:37

The kilopond is the name for the kilogram of force.

There are weight units of force, and weight units of mass. The name is used to help distinguish between the two.

A kilogram of force, or kilopond, is the gravitational force on a mass of one kilogram.

A kilopond and a kilogram both weigh the same while on Earth at sealevel. If you were on the moon, the value of kilopond will change while the kilogram will remain the same.

Re: Kilopond?
by Robert Fogt on 01/18/04 at 16:23:11

Of additional note, the kilopond is considered obsolete. You should use kilogram-force instead.  Its symbol is kgf.

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