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hand [non-equine] error?

hand [non-equine] error?
by Matthew Ahlgren on 01/27/04 at 23:31:52

In the length section, the conversion factor for "hand [non-equine]" is "1 hand [non-equine] = 1.1016 metre".

I think it should be "1 hand [non-equine] = 0.1016 metre" as this is what it is else where on the web. Besides who has 1.1 metre hands? :)

BTW Great site!

Re: hand [non-equine] error?
by Robert Fogt on 01/28/04 at 00:48:19

Right you are.

That was a typo from when I was entering the data.  The unit is defined to be 4 inches, which is 0.1016 meters.

Thanks for catching that.

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